Top Rated Free Multimedia Design Software

Are you looking for free multimedia design software? The answer might surprise you! There are several excellent options out there that allow you to create professional video without having to pay anything upfront. These programs offer a wide range of features, but they also require some time and effort on your part. However, the benefits far outweigh their challenges. In this guide, we’ll take a look at five such programs: Adobe Creative Suite 5, Avid Media Composer 6, CyberLink PowerDirector 9 Ultimate, Fuse 4 Lite, and Magix Video Pro X4. Let’s dive in and find out which program is best for you.

Adobe Creative Suite 5

If you need more than basic editing capabilities, then check out Adobe’s suite of products. For one price, you get not only Premiere Elements but also Photoshop CS5 (for image editing), Illustrator CS5 (for graphic design), Dreamweaver CS5 (for web development), Fireworks CS5 (a vector-based tool for designing logos and other graphics) and so much more. If you’re a skilled digital artist who needs to design an animated character or do some 3D animation, you’ll want to consider purchasing it as well. 

Avid Media Composer 6

The cost of Avid’s media production software varies depending on if you have a standard license ($1099) or a higher-end edition ($2199). Either way, once again it comes with a host of tools designed specifically for creating videos. It offers full screen capture as well as audio visual effects and transitions. You can even use it to edit DVD discs and create Blu-ray movies. The downside? It’s quite complicated. This program was created by professionals, after all. 

CyberLink PowerDirector 9 Ultimate

Power Director has always been known for its simplicity, and that continues true today. With just two buttons — Save movie & Create project menu — your entire process begins. On top of being easy to use, it’s got a lot to offer. You can import media from almost any format including AVI, MPG, MP4, MPEG, FLV, WMV, MOV, DIVX, RM, WMA, MTS, TS, etc. And these files can be used for both video and still images. 

Fuse 4 Lite

Unlike most of the aforementioned programs, Fuse is a product built primarily around video editing. While it does include a few useful tools for beginners like the ability to add text subtitles and titles, it focuses on making editing faster and safer. Most users will actually find this program easier to understand and use. In addition to that, unlike many others on this list, it supports Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. . 

Magix Video Pro X4

Not surprisingly, Magix includes the best option for those who are familiar with their previous version of this software. Video Pro X4 runs $299 and includes everything from the previous version plus new features such as multi-cam support and stabilization tools. It also works in combination with Windows Vista, 7 and 8. However, not every user should go through the trouble of upgrading. 

Final Verdict

Be it you’re a designer for an online gambling platform, a photographer, or simply a high school student working together with her friends in order to make a short documentary about her favorite singer, the right video editor software is essential to getting the job done for more visit Although each offers something different, we’ve narrowed down our choice to five of them: Adobe Creative Suite 5; Avid Media Composer; CyberLink PowerDirector 9; Fuse 4; and Magix Video Pro. Which would you choose? We’d love to know what you think…