Multimedia Advertising Trends Unpacked

How does video advertising effect my marketing and sales funnel? How long should I wait before launching ad campaigns? What kind of creative options exist?

Video ads are now ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Whether it’s through social media, mobile apps or email, they are everywhere. They are also extremely effective at improving brand recognition and building trust. If done correctly, video ads can increase conversion rates. Yet, there are some things marketers cannot ignore regarding the effectiveness of their video ad strategies.

Multimedia Ads Explained

What exactly is multimedia? According to Wikipedia, multimedia is any combination of two or more forms of communication that use one medium (such as words) to convey information and another medium (such as images). Multimedia advertising is simply a combination of various types of advertisements, such as text, audio and visuals, all communicated together. The goal of these ads is to generate more revenue by increasing click-through rates and conversions see francais online casinos.

Using Video for Marketing

When we think about video marketing, we often associate the term with YouTube videos. And why not? After all, the platform has almost 1 billion active users every month! These users spend up to 20 hours per day watching content on YouTube. In fact, according to research by Tubular Insights, over 90% of people who upload videos to Google+ regularly watch videos on YouTube. This means that if you want to have a presence online, then you need to start using video too.

Why Should You Use Videos To Market?

​1. ​​​​​It’s easier than ever to make them

​2. ​​​​They create interest in your brand

3. ​​​​You get an amazing return on investment

4. ​​​​Content creation is very easy when compared to other channels

5. ​​​​Videos are shareable – so much easier than traditional content

6. ​​​​Social platforms love video

In short, creating great quality videos has never been easier or cheaper than today. So why do most businesses still neglect this channel? One reason may be because they don’t know how to effectively market to customers. 

The Most Important Points When Creating Your First Video Ad Campaign

If you’re just getting started with using video in digital marketing, here are the three main factors that will help determine whether or not your campaign is successful:

1. ​What Is the Length of the Video?

When choosing which length to go with, keep in mind that longer videos tend to perform better. Of course, you can always take out what you feel is unnecessary, but the point remains: the more time you invest in making a video, the more likely someone will watch it. Therefore, videos with average lengths of 5 to 10 minutes tend to work really well.

2. ​Is It Too Long?

You should definitely avoid going past 15 minutes. Beyond that, the audience starts losing interest fast and might even stop watching before reaching the end.

3. ​What Type of Content Are You Producing?

Before you start producing quality content, ask yourself what type of message you want to send. Do you want to tell stories or sell something? If you decide to focus on telling stories, then stick to those between 3 and 7 minutes long since that’s the sweet spot when it comes to storytelling on YouTube.


Multimedia Ads are quite prevalent, particularly in the online gambling and betting world. They’re typically used both online and off, and are popular among mobile phone users. By far, the best way to reach customers is through social media; however, there’s no denying that video marketing continues to garner massive success!