Multimedia Designers – The Perfect Career Path

Are you looking for a career in multimedia design? Multimedia designers create graphics, animations, audio, or video content for websites, apps, games, or other media. This job has become increasingly important because of the growing amount of graphic design content being created, whether online or off.

The demand for multimedia designers has increased steadily over the last five years. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment opportunities for multimedia designers are expected to increase at a much faster pace than average from 2018 through 2028.

Multimedia Design – What is It?

A multimedia designer creates visual and sound designs that go along with written text on websites, videos, and mobile devices. They may also be responsible for creating logos, character designs, advertisements, and any other type of art used to make an idea clear.

There are two main types of multimedia designers: motion graphics artists and game developers. Motion graphics artists’ work involves manipulating images and creating 2D animation. Game developers use computer programming skills to create 3D models, textures, environments, characters, animations, and more. These professionals often focus on specific tools they’re best equipped to use while working on projects, where their usefulness even goes to the fr crazy vegas online casino gaming industry.

Income Rates

The median annual wage of $59,240 for multimedia designers was almost twice as high as the national average salary of $30,710, which was reported by the U.S. Census Bureau in May 2017. Although this number does not take into account all of the different specializations within this field, it does provide some insight into how much money you can expect to earn based on your experience and education. To further enhance your knowledge, here are several additional statistics about these professions.

Salary Potential

As previously mentioned, most multimedia designers choose to specialize in one aspect of the industry, such as web, app, and/or video development. Each discipline offers its own set of potential earnings depending on what level of skill you possess. According to, a Web developer earns anywhere between $35,000 and $85,000 each year, but the actual pay will vary depending on your location and the company you’re employed at. On the lower end of the range, web developers who have less experience and only completed a few courses might start out making just above minimum wage. However, those with extensive training could potentially charge around $80 per hour. 


While it’s true that wages do vary based on the type of position you hold, benefits tend to be similar across the board. If you want to know more about the benefits offered to you by employers or if you’d like to compare different companies’ programs, click here to view our infographic on employee benefits.

Employment Outlook

According to BLS, employment growth rates for multimedia designers is projected to continue to grow at a rate higher than the national average of 2 percent from 2018-2028. This means there should be plenty of jobs available for graduates looking to join a design team.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a career change and would like to get paid well to develop new products and services, consider becoming a multimedia designer. You’ll need to show off your ability to create great visuals, so it’s important to gain hands-on experience early in your college years. That way, you can build out your portfolio when it comes time to apply for jobs after graduation. Good luck!